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Like a computer. Unlike any computer.

At the beginning of this year I replaced my 2012 Mac mini which served me well for almost 6 years. It was maxed out with all possible upgrades but it was time to go. If it’s six years and older, Apple considers it a vintage and if something breaks you are on your own.

Before it had a chance to break I replaced it with a 2017 27-inch 5K iMac. For some reason the iMac didn’t spark any joy. A mediocre experience at best.

Two months ago I sold it. After a brief 2012 MacBook Pro bridging I then finally purchased a 12.9-inch 3rd gen iPad Pro.

Like a computer. Unlike any computer. It’s true. Thanks to a refined iOS experience, iPadOS, it sparks joy.

It’s all I need it to be. A handheld sofa Netflix/News reader machine. A flat on table drawing tablet. A standup, connect all your external drives machine. Thanks to Procreate, Darkroom, a ‘Desktop-class’ Safari and finally a file manager that does so much more, its almost a full computer. I can even connect a mouse and an external Keyboard to it and it just works.

I might be a bit biased, an Apple Fan-boy and Mac Technician, my love for all things Apple [well, almost all things Apple. Making the Magic Mouse charge from the underside, so you cannot use it whilst charging… wtf?!] might have clouded my judgement.

I am sure somewhere out in that Android/Samsung universe is a Tablet that can do all that too but pretty sure its ugly and it doesn’t have an abundance of apps that just work and are designed with a look and feel that says quality. I have seen the google play store and i just find it awful but that’s just one mans opinion.

For me it really is unlike any computer. Every time I look at it, I want to use it.

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